Delta Epsilon Psi – Alpha Eta Colony


The greatest bond that keeps us together.


It's the bridge between goals and accomplishment.


Commitment is what makes a team work, a society run and a community function.

Welcome to the official website of the Alpha Eta Colony of Delta Epsilon Psi Fraternity, Inc. at Binghamton University (SUNY). As the largest and fastest growing fraternity of its kind, “The Kings of the South” have quickly spread its movement across the nation and has been brought up north.

As “The Brotherhood of Kings” has recently expanded and chartered at our university, we invite you to take a glimpse into the soul of our great organization, colony and family.

Our organization has been built through unwavering pillars of Brotherhood, Discipline, and Commitment. It is through these pillars that our brothers discover the tools to succeed not only in their professional lives, but in themselves. Our fraternal organization’s three founding pillars are the source of our brothers strength and success.

We pride ourselves in our organizations ability to develop leaders for the next generation. Our exclusive network and mentoring gives our members the edge in development, and how to succeed. They are taught to to organize their time, excel academically, and develop into an integral member of any community.  “We don’t turn boys into men, we turn men into leaders”

While as an organization, we are originally South Asian based, As a brotherhood, Delta Epsilon Psi, consists of many diverse cultures. Alpha Eta Colony values the different various backgrounds in our family here at Binghamton.

We promote our philanthropy through volunteer service and leadership within the surrounding community. While uniting the brothers more intimately with the community, Delta Epsilon Psi fosters the proliferation of philosophy and culture to transcend religious and regional barriers and create awareness.


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